Tom Hogan – England

This is Tom’s second residency at Maelor.

Tom came originally from London and  studied painting at Coventry Art School. After graduating in 1999 Tom moved to Spain and moved back to the UK in 2013. This has had a considerable impact on his work and general art-related interests. He began to work seriously as an artist around 2004/5, participating in group shows in Barcelona and Catalunya. He has had solo exhibitions in the UK, Ireland and Spain and residencies in Spain, Italy and Australia. Both the natural and constructed environment provide the bulk of the subject matter for his work. He is particularly interested in the often jarring role of human beings in these environments and attempt to introduce a considered level of theatricality to the pieces.

Tom works in a variety of media. Having stuck safely in the realm of painting during his formative years, Tom now works with photography and sculpture. However, the basis for all his creative efforts remains drawing. Drawing and the sketchbook is where he thinks and formulate responses. Tom believes that interesting art is a reaction to a situation and that it’s essential to embrace contextual change. Tom thinks that one of the reasons he has attempted to widen the materials he works with is to present challenges and enforce such a response.

Tom create suspended sculptures from galvanised steel wire. These originate from sketchbook drawings and hopefully take on a life of their own through the very particular linear economy of the wire and the way that it affects space. He is currently exploring various themes revolving around the creation of optical illusion.