Tomoko Otani

Tomoko is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo, who studied printing at Musashino Art University. For lithography, she uses aluminium plates and pre-sensitised aluminium plates (aluminium sheets with photo sensitive surface), incorporating different methods such as screen-printing and collage.

She started planning her work with a new theme: Express the Place with Bird’s Eye View, while travelling. She does not carry many tools, so is developing monotype methods with limited resources, using the materials in her environment.

Tomoko explains, “There are many layers/faces in a place; for example, Tokyo as tourist destination, Tokyo seen from the historic point of view, Tokyo in my memory, etc. How can I explore and express such layers of the world? I have got to learn the place, then collage my document pieces together to create a flat but intricate picture, just like a bird’s eye view”.

Above images completed before residency

While at Stiwdio Maelor, Tomoko spent time observing the natural world on her walks around Corris and nearby woods, fields and rivers. She then returned to her studio and produced a prolific amount of varied and interesting pieces. Below is an image that Tomoko created while in residency at Maelor.

Corris, blue

Monotype collage, 24cm x 19cm (unframed) 38cm x 30cm (framed)

Stiwdio Maelor