Verena Terekina, Austria

Verena’s work is explained by itself:
Nothing is more important than the people and their stories/fates, portrayed in sheer faces/figures and/or authentic interpretation. While this process of drawing nothing else matters. Neither the origin nor religion of someone. Therefore she shuts down all insignificant systems. This obtained freedom allows her to encourage each imagination with using sarcasm and different languages.

Verena found her earliest approach in becoming an artist, by her grandfather, who shared the love and freedom of drawing with her.

Who else influenced and inspired her?

First of all, the rather known: Egon Schiele, Salvador Dalí, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Jules De Brycker and Michael Fuchs. But even a big part are nameless artists, musicians, actors, street performers and creators of all kinds, who crossed her path not only during her travels through Europe. Freedom is everywhere and nowhere.

In Verena’s continuing series of drawings with personal (and non-personal, same as sarcastic) meanings, matter of opinions and/or criticism, she wants to create a form of representation of the world and it’s people.
She loves to learn from different cultures, people, languages and pasts, futures and stories.

It is my way of thoughts become words. Words become weight, and all perceptions matter. 

Verena thinks it is a need to show the diversity of people. The different lives and impressions of our world and it’s residents.
With ‘Mouthpiece Art’ she has already received a lot of positive responses in her home country Austria and Scandinavia. Now, she really wants to proceed further.