Wanda Zyborska – Wales

Wanda Zyborska works in a wide variety of media, often found, mainly in 3D and drawing on textile methods. She works within a theoretical context of the body and identity situated in the politics of place, and gender. Born in Ireland with an Irish mother and Polish father Wanda moved to Australia when she was five and grew up there, and after time in France and England has lived in Wales for over 20 years. Mae hi’n siarad Cymraeg.

This July will be Wanda’s fourth time at Stiwdio Maelor.

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Wanda Zyborska

Material Matters – A photofilm portrait of award winning artist Wanda Zyborska at her latest exhibition at Gwynedd Art Gallery, Bangor, entitled Material Matters

Virtual Immorality

Cyn ac Wedyn – Before and After

Mastectomy Incognito

Taking Risks in Romania