Jonathon Syltie – USA

Jonathon’s work is a manifestation of his thought process. He draws imagery from his childhood, primarily from his first memory up to his pre-teen years and combines them with current images. Many of the components of his work are influenced by the landscapes Jonathon saw as a child Texas and the midwest farms that he visited every summer. Much of his work includes representations of his family, and antique imagery found on the farm where he grew up. Jonathon combines childhood material with current images that he sees on an everyday basis. His paintings are brought together by intricate wood connectors that harken back to the furniture that he helped make as a child.   He believes it will be very intriguing to participate in an artist residency in Northern Wales, to see the impact this environment has on his artwork. Jonathon am interested to see how the visual puzzles he creates will change and what new information the viewer will gather from this. Jonathon is excited to see the effect this change in scenery would have on both his painted matter and the materials he connects his paintings with, as he will not have access to some of the tools and materials he currently uses for his paintings. He would like to find a way to combine drawings, paintings, and sculpture, so the juxtapositions he currently uses will still manifest themselves. Jonathon intends to not only construct a body of work during this time, including images from the local environment combined with images from my past, but also to document this experience in words and photographs.

This ain’t no namby-pamby rigmarole. This is the physical manifestation of the way thoughts are processed. There are multiple decathlons of ideas firing like pistons in this mind, making intelligible words difficult to come by. A telescoping handle landing net is used to grab images. The work is not chronological, nor does it follow a linear narrative, and it is SQUIRREL! Ideas are smashed together. The work plays on human nature and the inherent need to find answers. Curiosity kills the duck-billed platypus. The work is not intended to solve world peace, but it may be life-altering. Naturally, the work is derived from my thoughts, therefore imagery sleeps in my bed. The shapes of canvases are decided by objects. Sometimes the object itself is portrayed, other times the image does not match the canvas shape. Humor is a very important component to the work. Broccoli smashed on a bunny wrench of disaster leads to endless laughter. The images are administered coffee or steroids at a young age. Interpaintial relationships abound. Painterly renderings of organic forms are contrasted by the graphic plasticity of mechanical imagery. The canvases interact with each other by way of connectors, influenced by handmade furniture seen as a youth. They are inside jokes between the artist and the work. One plus one can equal babysheeptractor. All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.

Jonathan Syltie Jonathan Syltie