Lee Berwick – England

Lee first completed a residency at Stiwdio Maelor in 2015. During his time at Maelor and through emails, Lee and Veronica developed an idea for a project. After submitting an application to a-n, Lee and Veronica received a bursary to work together, developing a sound project. Lee will spend a week in May and a week in October at Maelor, with a performance to be held in October. You can follow the project through blogs: https://www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/kanti
Lee works with the energy of the world around him. Being led and drawn by the environment is at the root of his creative process. Cityscapes, scrap yards, landscapes, and forests all contain there own energy fields and interacting with these leads him in some unexpected directions, Sound, film, live art and performance all emerge from these spaces. The only motivation is that he is drawn to and led by this work.

“The three weeks that I spent at Stwidio Maelor were excellent. The surrounding landscape was rich with inspiration and the studio was the perfect place for working with the insights gained whilst wandering in the surrounding hills and mountains.

My colleagues at the studio were all great as were the amenities and the village deserves its reputation as being one of the friendliest in north Wales ! Altogether a lot of fun and a brilliant chance to work on and to develop some ideas.

The repercussions of my time in Corris are still very apparent in my practice and work back here in London and will I suspect be so for a long time to come.”


http://www.leeberwick.com/sample-page/film-and- soundtracks/