Paul Riede – USA

For the past 31 years, Paul has worked as a writer and editor at The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, N.Y., USA. He retired from that career in September and now teaches journalistic writing at nearby Cazenovia College.

Paul is interested in reaching further with his writing, into long-form non-fiction but also into short essays and fiction. Having had few chances to think beyond a daily deadline, this will be quite a stretch for him, and quite an opportunity.

Paul can think of no better way to break free from the daily round than to place himself in a radically different place, free of the demon deadline, with no one to answer to but himself. Paul intends to arrive in Corris with some starter ideas and strategies – likely involving a short story, essay or sketch – but his suspicion is that the change of scene and mission will alter and refine them. More than anything, he hopes his time there will help him to define a new direction.