Suzanne Iuppa – Wales

Suzanne is a poet and photographer/filmmaker who creates to take people on a journey of better connection with our natural environment; with all that it offers and has always offered us. Suzanne is in love with the Welsh landscape ( have been for 25 years!) and am a very fledgling Welsh learner, and would like to improve. She is also a community worker and a conservationist, currently working with the Vincent Wildlife Trust. She collaborates on a regular basis with other UK artists inspired by the natural environment and conservation, including Phil Cope, Jane Lloyd- Francis, Jess Allen, and Tim Pugh.

Suzanne has undertaken a 22-day artists’ Pilgrimage across Wales and written 12 poems inspired by the experience (On Track: Poetry from Welsh Pilgrimage, Alyn Books 2013) and spent the last 12 months researching, finding and exploring 10 preChristian holy and healing wells of Wales. Her new series Well Spring will be published at the end of the summer and she has been touring performance of the images and poems both in the UK and America. No two performances are the same and she creates something audience- and season-specific in order for artist and audience to best travel together, during her live shows.  1111