Ana Rodriguez – Scotland

Ana draws and designs textbook collections for different Andalusian publishing houses, she creates wallpapers for interior decorating in Barcelona and self-publishes her own books. She wins different awards in categories of illustration and animated short films. She lives under the motto: I work and I travel, so all the money she saves she spends in trips where she keeps drawing and learning.

Ana’s passion for the art of illustration and the beautiful place where she is lucky to live currently leads her to fall in love with the river that flows through this lovely city, Edinburgh.

Therefore, as a faithful lover, she has spent uncountable afternoons walking the Water of Leith riverbanks, observing and drawing the plants and birds which enliven this magical place. She hopes you will agree with her if she tells you that in her opinion nature, trees, wildflowers, and birds are the most beautiful thing to draw and be admired.

She has read about Celtic legends: ( she is from one part of Spain where Celtic people were sheltered),Water, Fairies, Kelpies, Tam Lim, magic wells, a full range of extraordinary creatures. As a result of this love and passion she is working in an accurate study of the trees and plants that exist in the Water of Leith Walkaway.  ( It is called ENJOY WATER OF LEITH, )