Anji Brice – Australia

Anji studied painting at the National Art School, Sydney Australia, finishing in 2004. Since then she has maintained a dedicated studio practice amidst the ebb and flow of life, mainly in the disciplines of drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. She is a bit of a slow bake and has not yet held an exhibition, though there are aims for this in the near future. She recently began a Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, with the University of Trinity Saint David in Wales, which she has notions of combining with her artistic practice.

Anji has developed a very internal approach to her practice over the last ten years, and a bit. She has focused mainly on the medium of drawing, through portraiture. She has also explored meanderingly painting, sculpture and printmaking. These portraits have been of a single sitter. Through this repetition of the subject a diverse language of drawing began a steady evolution. She now seeks to focus her works. Beginning with a shift to painting.

During the residency time at Swidio Maelor, she intends to use the space and distance to create work anew. To reflect on the decade of work already built but really to concentrate this into the beginning of the next wave.