Bonnie Morris – USA

Bonnie is a lesbian author and women’s history professor seeking time to work on her nearly-completed manuscript, Handwritten in Public Places, a collection of essays on journal-keeping.

Bonnie has published 13 books with two more on the way, including three Lamba Literacy Award finalists (Eden Built by Eves, Girl Reel, Revenge of the Women’s Studies Professor and two first-prize winning volumes of poetry The Schoolgirl’s Atlas, Sixes and Sevens). She has also published a feminist textbook, Women’s History for Beginners, twice featured on national television, and in August 2016 will release a new book The Disappearing L: erasure of lesbian spaces and culture. A prolific writer, Bonnie has contributed essays and articles to over 60 anthologies of women’s writing. Teaching dominates Bonnie’s calendar year and in recent summers she has worked as a guest lecturer on Olivia cruises, so a residency at Maelor will give her time to focus.

Bonnie is of Welsh ancestry on her father’s side (one John Morris after another back to Cardiff miners!) and she has longed to visit the land of her forefathers.