Christina Kemp – USA

A practicing photographer, Christina recently graduated with an M.F.A. in Craft from Oregon College of Art and Craft. The last two years of study allowed her to form a great appreciation of diverse mediums, including ceramics, painting, fibers, and mixed media. During her residency she plans to continue the ‘home’ work from graduate school and also use the time to expand on the definition in her work.

Christina’s thesis work talked about the reconfiguration of the home through the camera lense using composition, light, and imaginative constructions of lived in homes. Each panorama represented a different way of thinking about what space and place meant to the homeowners, and her impression of their space. I am looking looking forward to expanding the series to include all different types of homes, eventually exhibiting a show, diverse in place and the way we think of others. Christina’s inspiration in the photographs comes from a background in geography, photography, and a subset of geography called, senusous. She is keenly interested in how place defines us in terms of the ‘spirituality’ of outdoor landscape, and the homes we build to fit into those places.

Finding the unique and wonder of place for her forms a direct correlation of how humans interact privately and publicly with a given space.

M.M. 2016 No. 2 P.E. 2016 No. 1 S.T. 2016 No. 2