Claire Barnett – England

“Human cognition does not rest upon individual minds alone but is distributed across persons, things, and time. The material world is crucial in processes of enculturation and cultural transmission, in shaping daily experience and perceptions,..”

Claire’s paintings consist of layers of paint, glue, inks and other materials, such as honeycomb and bones. She experiments with materials to create tactile, undulating surfaces, reminiscent of archeological remains, which give rise to psychosomatic responses to materiality and memory. Claire gravitates to the land, particularly structures and archeological forms, often imbued with a sense of metamorphic meaning. Sometimes these will be enlargedor highlighted so that the esoteric and elemental force within is captured. Claire appreciates the difficulty of painting and the complex maneuvers it gives the hand, eye and heart she is particularly interested space and the diversity of its surface. She is intensely aware of the activity of seeing, especially the gap between seeing and making. It is this cerebral space, this gap between looking, thinking and feeling that she wants to give agency to. Claire would like to capture the immutable features of the landscape and how it is transformed by an array of intangible elements. Claire hopes to capture, through drawing and painting, the wind, solitude scale and power which dwarfs the minutiae of daily life.