Ieuan Morris – Wales

The project Ieuan aims to develop during his residency is autobiographical. Ieuan was born in Corris in the mid 1950s and lived there until the age of twelve, when his family moved to Tywyn. Hi overriding memory of living in Corris is one of a sheltered, safe environment, surrounded by a natural and post-industrial world that could be explored at will. He believes that period of unconstrained freedom to roam is something that is related in some way to his continuing desire to create, be it as a painter, filmmaker, or latterly as a photographic artist. He thinks it fostered the belief that venturing into the unknown with a leap of faith will always result in a worthwhile discovery of some kind.

Cutting across these comforting recollections, however, are troubling ones, many of which, he presumes, represent a child’s confusion and fear at being confronted with aspects of the adult world (a lightning flash that reveals a couple’s amorous embrace in a doorway), or are a child’s realisation of his physical and mental fragility (being petrified when getting stuck in a narrow tunnel that runs under the road at the bottom of the village).

Ieuan’s intention during his stay is to revisit some of the places associated with these recollections and attempt to convey the density of their psychological significance. Having conducted a number of tests, he wants to take photographs of these locations, both in wide shots and close ups, in darkness or near darkness, with details of the location being picked out by the light of a portable lamp. This is intended to convey the impression of the retrieval of a fleeting memory, of significance being ‘brought to light’. Ieuan will feature in some of the pictures himself, as a ghostly figure at the edge of frame.

Much of his recent photographic work has involved landscape (rural and industrial), whether ‘making strange’ a location (see attached images) or, with accompanying text, drawing out the hidden meanings of seemingly ‘insignificant’ locations (please see Enwau heb Lefydd / Names without Places here ). (He is currently in the process of applying for funds to the Arts Council of Wales to exhibit Enwau heb Lefydd / Names without Places in a number of galleries around Wales).