Judi Miller – Canada


Judi is a textile artist specializing in free motion embroidery. Using a variety a threads, colour and weights, she creates pieces with finely stitched details on a painted fabric base. She uses her sewing machine as her choice of artist’s tool, no different from a paint brush or pencil.

Judi’s inspiration springs from so many sources but most often explores the natural landscape. Her embroidery technique lends itself to capturing light, colour and movement that help create a strong sense of memory and place. She feels most satisfied when she can capture the sway of the grass or the quiet moment of a reflection.

Judi would like to spend time at Stiwdio Maelor contemplating and formulating her next step after a productive 2016. She would like to like to mount a show that has greater depth and vision than she has presented so far. She feels she has something to say, she is just not sure what it is.

As a busy artist, producing work for specific shows & working on commissions, Judi often lacks the kind of time she needs to plan her next step. Judi will use hand embroidery to sketch out her plans.