Laura Howarth-England

Laura is a painter and printmaker particularly interested in surface and in working intuitively, led by the process. Her printmaking is mainly experimental and she uses collagraphs, Gyotaku, carborundum printing and other non-chemical processes to push the boundaries and to achieve painterly qualities in the work. She uses collagraphs and carborundum printing to capture layers of tone, colour and texture in the landscape.
Her paintings are mainly semi-abstract or abstract landscapes in which she aims to capture a spirit of place, often focusing in closely and calling on drawings, colour studies, photographs and remembered images in preparation for the final work.
When working on a painting she uses layers of oil and cold wax medium to build up and then attempt to uncover the subtleties, nuances, light and texture of the place. Laura works intuitively; there is no plan but the paintings are led by the process and are constantly changing and evolving. Form and content influence each other as the work evolves and by adding layers and then scratching away at the surface, traces of earlier layers are revealed and so the process continues until the painting feels as though its intention has been realized.