Lisa Evans – Wales

Lisa’s practice is concerned with juxtaposition between industry (durable) and the domestic (organic)which addresses her exploration of liminal spaces and the abject body. The strong presence of industry she experienced around her as a child allows her to explore the process of metal fabrication that evokes ideas in relation to scale, space and weight. Lisa’s focus on structures brings into focus the‘human’, and how heavy materiality provokes a relationship that negotiates the threshold between the organic and the inorganic.

Central to her practice is the dialogue between destabilizing process and object; working with materials such as latex, wax and lard posess external appearances to the pigment and texture of human skin and flesh. A temporal quality is explored through decomposition, containment and the uncertainty of material behaviour. Her work explores the containment and control of decay and how forms transcend into a temporary state of destruction; procurring a jarring yet intimate dialogue that questions the fine line between sculpture and installation.

Most recently Lisa’s research has shifted and has become concerned with exploring her body as the subject and object through performative actions and direct body castings. Her current practice exists at the intersection of confronting and challenging the social aspects of gender relations, bringing to focus the female form; questioning her body as an expression and gendered site.