Matilde Gorderro – Spain

Matilde Gordero is a Spanish journalist and writer. At the moment, she is self-employed and combines communication and writing projects. She is doing this residency as she needs time to focus on her fiction and non fiction stories and move on with her short stories book project.

Currently, she is writing a short stories book. The short stories book focuses on the weight humans carry along their lives: guilt, sorrow, loss, death and breakup, amongst others. Not only women feel these weight, but the majority of her stories focus on how women face the weight through their lives, how they deal with the demands from society, family, friend and colleagues.

Matilde has been published in the collective book Iceberg Vol. 2, a volume by the students of the Escola d’Escriptura de l’Ateneu Barcelonés.

Mathilde is wanting find stories at Maelor and in its surroundings.