Megan Fitzgerald-Canada

Megan’s work is an investigation of rural sanctuaries and mythological utopias. Combining elements of painting, craft, land art and installation, she works within the broader contemporary context of environmental art, fostering the growing, global shift towards a deeper ecological awareness. Through multi-media approaches she fuses schools of landscape art, finding dialogues between the pastoral utopias of the British Romantics and the emotion abstraction of the Post-Impressionist. Abstracted landscape paintings and site-specific installations call attention to the wonders of a landscape, acting as catalysts for perception; uncovering histories of the land both real and imagined.
Networks of referential elements from places both real and imagined populate murals, sculptures and other oddities: romanticized clouds and Celtic burial mounds, allusions to popular culture and ancestral architecture. Sharp neon hues are revealed underneath impasto oil earth tones. The genre of environmental art is reimagined through a process of honoring the history of landscapes and expressing possibilities beyond existing realities.