Roy Mcfarlane – England

Roy is a poet, playwright and writer with over a decade experience within the world of poetry; crossing over and collaborating with theatre, working along with video producers, photographers, musicians and dancers, creating new innovative pieces of work.

Love, death, myths, history, herstory, identity and the imagined are all contained in rivers and seas. Roy would like to specifically explore the narratives along rivers, sea and oceans, being British/ African Caribbean. He is particularly interested in the African Diaspora narrative informed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Roy intends to begin by looking at narratives by local people in regards to Dolgellau lying on the River Wnion, and the River Mawddach, (Mawddach is a poem in itself) especially stories connected to myths. Myths are important to his collection in regards to the Aeneid.

Rivers of freedom is a loose title for his second collection. He believes that Freedom has often been synonymous with rivers, the escaping along a river, the following of the route of a river to freedom. He would like to poetically use rivers as a metaphor, symbolisms and/or the actual trues stories of freedom to flow through the collection – an odyssey of freedom.

Roy is at the beginning of the process so these are early thoughts, but by his residency time he’ll have all his notes, scraps of papers, half-written poems and a suitcase full of books to put together the heart of his collection. Stiwdio Maeor is a poet dream where you can disappear from the world, emails, Facebook & Twitters and be immersed into the creativity and inspiration of the muse.