Victoria Collis and Roz Mascall – England

Victoria is a Visual Artist and Roz is a Writer. They are coming to Stiwdio Maelor to combine their disciplines and work collaboratively.

During the residency, Victoria will go on walks to examine the immediate location where the studio is based. She aims to explore the woods, trees, and river. Her work is nature based and from her observations through sketches, photographs and memory, she will create a series of drawings, mixed media painting(s) and mono prints.

Her work is energetic and involves rhythmic mark-making. She reflects her internal and external environment. A mirror image. Predominantly focusing on landscape ethereal, her approach is sensitive and aesthetically pleasing, tapping into the truth of emotion. Victoria brings in the elements of water, land, and sky into her work. The language of her work has been likened to the printmaker/ painter John Piper. Influences include Peter Lanyon, Prunella Clough, and Kurt Jackson.

This time on the residency will allow her the freedom and focus to further develop her working practice. She has a great love and connection with Wales because it’s where her Grandmother was born and brought up. Victoria is very excited and intrigued to have the chance to interpret the Welsh landscape; a land and terrain that will hopefully reveal a message and unfold a story, translated through the expression of her work.

Roz is a writer from Somerset. She completed her MA in Travel and Nature Writing at Bath Spa University in 2014.

Her inspiration to write comes mostly from people, life experiences and the unknown. However, it is her appreciation of nature and the time she spends outside that helps feed her creative process.

During the residency Roz will work collaboratively with visual artist Victoria Collis. In response to Victoria’s artwork and the natural environment she will experiment with poetry and prose as a way of reflection and connection.

Roz is currently facilitating creative writing groups for beginner writers where she shares writing techniques, and provides a safe and supported environment for using writing as a way of self-expression. She is currently studying an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes with the Metanoia Institute.