Zita Saffrette – England

Zita has for some time been thinking through and developing ideas to do with light and matter, and how to use it and incorporate it in such a way as to get under the skin of the world.

The attached photographs are examples of this: in Salt Water on Film, the negative was affected by being partially submerged in the Baltic Sea; in the salt print, sea water was collected from the location of the photograph and used to make the print; in the Lightning photogram, the photographic paper was held out during a huge thunder and rainstorm so that the lightning exposed the paper; in the cyanotype, a print of a deeply scored rock was taken and then this print used to make a ‘negative’ of the rock’s grooves; and in Leap Years, a pinhole camera (made from a chocolate tub) containing a piece of photographic paper was left exposing from 29 February 2012 to 29 February 2016.

It is crucial for Zita to be able to work in the natural environment and the opportunity to spend concentrated time in a huge area such as Snowdonia full of rocks, earth, water and weather would enable Zita to really push these ideas and realize them in a new form of expression (e.g combining other media with photography; using moving image; sound recordings; 3D work etc). In this, she hopes to start to consolidate various threads: light and darkness; positive and negative; time and memory, so that the work shows what is beyond the surface.