Zoe Ranson – England

Zoë Ranson is a fiction writer and performer. She writes stories from the very short to the epically long, and, sometimes, for the stage.

Zoë is returning to Maelor for a welcome interlude to the relentless rhythm of life in the city.

She is looking forward to absorbing the beauty and stillness of the landscape and spending time outdoors, to later bring the same tranquility and focus inwards to her work.
During her residency she will be working on her novel, Nettles, a psychological thriller set against the backdrop of the contemporary art world. She also hopes to develop a series of interlinked monologues for a new theatre project.

Zoë’s short fiction has appeared in Wales Arts Review, Ink Sweat & Tears and The Lonely Crowd.
She is currently on the longlist for the Old Vic 12 an exciting initiative to develop new theatre makers.