Artist in Residence 2018

Applications for 2018 are now open – email for information and an application form.

2017 Competition winners

Previous AiR: Melanie Johnson | Multimedia: Sarah Jenkins | Short Story: Eluned Gramich

Current residents

Current artist in residence: Marianne Büttiker, Megan Fitzgerald, Trevor Tubelle

Next artist in residence: Christine Kemp

Current writer in residence: John Gallas

Next writer in residence: Andra Watkins


Pham, Minh Duc Germany/Vietnam, Minne Lange Netherlands, Sarah Narberro England, Yael Roberts England,  Orla Barry Ireland, Marianne Büttiker, Switzerland, Andrea Coyotzi and Anna Jensen Finland, Megan Fitzgerald Canada, Trevor Tubelle America, Christina Kemp USA,  Sarah Jenkins (Multimedia competition winner 2017), Vanessa Van Cuthbert England, Roy Willingham England, Melanie Johnson (Previous AiR competition winner 2017), Sharon Field Australia, Zita Saffrette England, Verena Terekina Austria, Samues Lueng Hong Kong, Janell O’Rourke/Vincent Evans USA, David Begley Ireland, Anne Schafer Australia, Miriam Miller, Jacqueline Thomson and Maggie Whyte Australia, Pam Thompson USA, Kiran Sharma England, Val Jones England, Judith Symons England.


Pippa Chapell England, Nathan Lucky Wood – England, John Gallas- EnglandAndra Watkins – USAFien Veldman The Netherlands, Eluned Gramich (short story competition winner 2017), Liz Corbett Australia,  Patti Trimble USA.