Anne Schafer – Australia

For many years Anne was mainly a sewer. At a very young age, her mother taught her to make all her own clothes, then considered a craft of make do or thrift. Over the years, Anne tried many other arts/crafts mediums – embroidering, quilting, wood turning and felting to name a few. She had always wanted to try traditional rughooking but couldn’t find anyone here in Australia who knew anything about making these rugs. Then in late 2007, she read an article in a magazine about Miriam, a rugmaker, living in New South Wales. After a few emails, Miriam invited her to join her in a rugmaking workshop, that was January 2008. From then on Anne was well and truly ‘hooked’.

As well as the aesthetic aspect if of this art form, she also like the idea of creating functional items, all her proggy rugs are on her bedroom floors, as well as repurposing and recycling of materials otherwise destined for landfill. Anne had a few bags of them, collected over the 40 or 50 years or so of ‘stashing’.