Minne de Lange – Netherlands

Mine is a textile and embroidery artist, originally from the Netherlands but currently living nomadically, travelling around to places that inspire her work and creating hand embroideries based off the observations she makes in these places and the things that interest her about those places. Often, this is nature and the relationship between people and their surroundings. Minne creates small works that she can take with her where ever she goes, miniature ‘paintings’ created with layers and layers of very fine silk stitches to create a realistic image, playing with relief and light through the different stitches and silk material.

She is only ever somewhere temporarily and so her embroidered paintings are simply the observations of a nomad, what she sees and what stays with her about the place she calls home for a little while. When she leaves, she takes these places with her in the form of her works, and shares them with people out in the world.